Auto Insulation - Cargo Covers - Sound Reduction

AutomobilesUsing EFP’s engineering grade materials and EPS, we create the highest quality auto insulation, sound reduction materials and cargo covers for the automotive industry. Our automotive industry products are strong and lightweight, and provide excellent insulation.

We understand that quality in the automotive industry is paramount. Foam products that add to the safety and comfort of the vehicle have become essential components of the highest quality autos. Exceptional vehicles begin with superior parts, and EFP has the knowledge and commitment to quality that has built our reputation in the automotive industry.

EFP has decades of experience in producing auto insulation with sound reduction properties, as well as customized cargo covers. Our expanded foam products are manufactured to our customers’ exact specifications, and always meet stringent industry requirements.

Our range of automotive industry products includes:

  • Auto Insulation
  • Foam products for sound reduction
  • Cargo Covers
  • Floor Spacers (to fill space in chassis or elevate floors)
  • Side Impact Component (for door panels)
  • Upper Instrument Panel Fillers
  • Pads For Pillar Areas
  • Knee Bolsters
  • Head Impact Components
  • Rear Load Floor/Trunk Spacers
  • Water Shields
  • Dunnage Trays

Whether your needs are for auto insulation, sound reduction materials, cargo covers or any customized foam solution, contact us or call to speak to one of our of auto industry experts at 800-205-8537 for a consultation.

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