Foam Building Insulation

Closed-cell foam insulationEFP meets building and construction market needs with foam building insulation and other essential products. We stay on top of trends in building materials and insulation in order to provide building and construction customers with the most modern and effective materials available on the market today.

Our high quality foam building insulation products provide superior insulation properties for homes and other construction projects. EFP foam building insulation is strong and lightweight, chemically inert and resistant to water, mold and rodents. Closed-cell foam insulation provides a high R-value as well as adding structural strength to walls, ceilings and roofs.

In addition to foam building insulation, we produce high quality lamination-grade EPS sheets for the Building and Construction Market. An overview of our building and construction products includes:

  • Building InsulationConcrete Forms
  • Foam Door Cores
  • SIPS
  • Roof Insulation
  • Below Grade Insulation
  • Wall & Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Wall & Cavity Wall InsulationSub-Slab Insulation
  • Siding Backer
  • Shapes (Architectural)
  • GeoFoam
  • Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Thermal Insulation

Contact us all call 800-205-8537 to talk to one of our building and construction market experts to discuss your foam building insulation needs. We have decades of experience along with extensive knowledge of the latest developments in building materials and industry trends. We’re confident we can provide building and construction market customers with superior materials and expert advice.

EFP Announces Plans to Expand Cold Chain Center of Excellence

EFP is continuing our development of out cold chain design and testing facility in Nashville, TN. The Cold Chain Center of Excellence will more than double in size. Improvements include a walk-in thermal chamber, cryogenic freezing capability, conductivity testing of insulation materials and thermal simulation software. These improvements will improve product testing and reduce product development time. We invite customers and prospect to visit the lab and learn more about the people and equipment that bring Temperature Solutions to users throughout North America.

For more information please contact us or call our Life Sciences Product Manager Ray Pidock @ 615.521.4702.