Foam Packaging

Foam PackagingEFP’s roots are in foam packaging, and we remain committed to solving each of our customer’s unique packaging needs. From our beginnings over fifty years ago, we have developed countless unique solutions for consumer products clients based on our expertise, creativity and dedication. We have designed and implemented packaging solutions for products from Alka Seltzer tablets to major appliances and state-of-the-art technology products. Our goal is to provide a custom-fit in packaging that ensures products remain safe until they are in the consumers’ hands.

From protective foam packaging to material handling, EFP is the first choice of many of the country’s leading consumer products manufacturers. We understand the vital role that packaging plays in the successful distribution of any product, and we are committed to providing the most effective packaging options to our customers. They know that EFP’s solutions will keep their products and reputations safe and secure.

Styrofoam CupsSome of our foam packaging products include: 

  • Corner Pads
  • Bottom and Top Pads
  • Pallets
  • Clear-View Packs

Foam Packaging DesignWhether you need an innovative foam packaging design or cost-effective manufacturing, EFP has the expertise to provide the right solution. Our team of consumer product packaging professionals is always ready to discuss your needs and provide a timely and cost-effective packaging strategy to protect your valuable products.

For more information and to learn more about our products please call us at 800-205-8537 or contact us.

EFP Announces Plans to Expand Cold Chain Center of Excellence

EFP is continuing our development of out cold chain design and testing facility in Nashville, TN. The Cold Chain Center of Excellence will more than double in size. Improvements include a walk-in thermal chamber, cryogenic freezing capability, conductivity testing of insulation materials and thermal simulation software. These improvements will improve product testing and reduce product development time. We invite customers and prospect to visit the lab and learn more about the people and equipment that bring Temperature Solutions to users throughout North America.

For more information please contact us or call our Life Sciences Product Manager Ray Pidock @ 615.521.4702.