Insulated Shipping Containers

EFP Corp. is a trusted supplier of premier insulated shipping containers to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, special materials and food industries. We understand the critical nature of maintaining optimal temperature throughout the shipping process, and take pride in the fact that our cold chain packaging allows customers to ship their products with confidence.

Insulated shipping containers are just one of the temperature sensitive packaging solutions that EFP provides for frozen goods, life sciences or food products. Our team of professionals works with a broad range of standard molded EPS shippers, fabricated packaging options or can engineer custom cold chain solutions to your specific needs. Learn more about our Cold Chain Center of Excellence and how we can help you prove your packaging meets the performance your customers demand.

EFP offers a wide range of standard molded and fabricated insulated shipping containers using expanded polystyrene (EPS), polypropylene (EPP) or polyethylene (EPE). We offer molded, preassembled with the box of your choice, or fully kitted with the determined quantity of gel packs, gel bricks or PCM's required for your product protection.

EFP’s molded EPS insulated boxes and pre-qualified shipping containers have been designed to meet the demanding expectations of todays sophisticated logistics networks and regulatory requirements. All of our products are tested to ISTA standards for temperature assurance and small parcel shipping durability.

Please call us at 800-205-8537 X322 or contact us to send a request to an EFP Temperature Solutions team to discuss your insulated shipper needs. You can also visit our Pharmatuff ® Cold Chain Packaging website for more detailed information on our products and services. For more information about out Temperature Solution Brand click on a log below.

EFP Announces Plans to Expand Cold Chain Center of Excellence

EFP is continuing our development of out cold chain design and testing facility in Nashville, TN. The Cold Chain Center of Excellence will more than double in size. Improvements include a walk-in thermal chamber, cryogenic freezing capability, conductivity testing of insulation materials and thermal simulation software. These improvements will improve product testing and reduce product development time. We invite customers and prospect to visit the lab and learn more about the people and equipment that bring Temperature Solutions to users throughout North America.

For more information please contact us or call our Life Sciences Product Manager Ray Pidock @ 615.521.4702.