EFP Environmental Policy

We are committed to maintaining a healthy environment. EFP’s environmental policy includes close monitoring of every aspect of our products' life cycles. We re-grind and re-use non-conforming recyclable material. As a member of the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR), EFP recycles over a half-million pounds of EPS packaging annually. We also encourage our customers to recycle, and are happy to supply a list of recycling centers throughout the U.S. if bringing the material to an EFP location isn't feasible.

The EFP environmental policy also takes into account the fact that foam takes less energy to manufacture (about one-sixth the energy needed to produce corrugated paper products) and results in fewer harmful chemicals during its production. In fact, EPS is made without ozone-depleting chemicals and contains no CFCs or HCFCs.

Because it's strong and lightweight, less foam is required to do the same job as paper materials. EPS makes up just .4% of the total municipal solid waste in this country, compared to 37% for paper and paperboard products.

At EFP, our environmental policy is important to us. As a member of the AFPR board, we play an integral part in organizing international recycling efforts. To get the facts about expanded foam and its role in the environment, please visit the AFPR website. 

Let us help you discover all of the reasons why foam is an intelligent and environmentally friendly solution to your company’s needs by contacting us for more information!

EFP Announces Plans to Expand Cold Chain Center of Excellence

EFP is continuing our development of out cold chain design and testing facility in Nashville, TN. The Cold Chain Center of Excellence will more than double in size. Improvements include a walk-in thermal chamber, cryogenic freezing capability, conductivity testing of insulation materials and thermal simulation software. These improvements will improve product testing and reduce product development time. We invite customers and prospect to visit the lab and learn more about the people and equipment that bring Temperature Solutions to users throughout North America.

For more information please contact us or call our Life Sciences Product Manager Ray Pidock @ 615.521.4702.