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No one in the industry knows more about foam materials – EPP foam, EPE foam, and EPS foam than the professionals at EFP.  We've helped companies find the best materials to meet their component and packaging needs for over 50 years. We understand how raw materials perform in a variety of conditions and the most effective applications for various foam materials. We apply that knowledge to your packaging or component's unique situation

Foam materials, including EPP foam, EPE foam and EPS foam have specific qualities that suit various uses. The following brief descriptions provide more information on these materials:

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam

EPS can be manufactured in nearly unlimited shapes and sizes with a broad range of physical properties.

It is one of the foam materials most resistant to moisture absorption. Although molded EPS has a low water vapor transmission rate, it is not a vapor barrier. It is acceptable for cold storage applications.
Additionally, EPS molded products are resistant to virtually all aqueous media including dilute acids and alkalis, as well as water-soluble alcohols and silicones. EPS products have limited resistance to paraffin oil, vegetable oils, diesel fuel, and Vaseline®.

EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Foam

EPP beads produce a low-density closed-cell foam with excellent energy absorption characteristics. The material has excellent recoverability from repeated shocks and deformations. Foams molded from these beads also retain their high degree of dimensional stability when exposed to temperature extremes.

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) Foam

EPE beads produce a very flexible closed-cell foam which offers a high degree of resiliency. This material can withstand repetitive deformations and still maintain its dimensions and cushioning ability.

In addition to foam materials such as EPP foam, EPE foam and EPS foam, EFP also works with additional engineering grade materials, including copolymer grades of expanded foams. If you're unsure about which material will meet your needs, you can be confident that the EFP team can make an expert recommendation customized to your situation. 

Please call us at 800-205-8537 or contact us to send a request to an EFP Business Development Manager to discuss foam materials – EPP foam, EPE foam and EPS foam or to inquire about any other engineering-grade material today.

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