protective packaging


At EFP, we work with a variety of materials to ensure the protection of your product throughout the supply chain.  From Design to Delivery, our staff will work with you in a responsive, honest, and respectful manner.  We have assisted our customers in finding the perfect solution for their needs, whether simple or intricate in design, earning us the role of Trusted Advisor.



EFP has worked with many major Recreational Vehicle manufacturers to provide a variety of lightweight and durable insulation products. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce RV foam components that are for accurate and effect. Our installation can be customized to your specifications for sidewalls, roofs, floors, etc.



In the automotive market, EFP has designed and manufactured export packs, service packs and returnable dunnage. Our experienced staff can help design an efficient pack for your needs. With a wide selection of material, 3 locations, and many presses, you can be assured that you will receive a quality, cost effective product.

Since 1954

Experience & Innovation

EFP is an industry leader in providing exceptional foam molding and fabrication solutions. Since the 1950’s, EFP has been committed to developing innovative expanded foam products to successfully meet the needs of thousands of companies nationwide.

EFP works closely with customers in consumer products, automotive, recreational vehicles, building products, and agricultural markets as well as re-sellers and more. For the pharmaceutical and food industries, we offer a wide range of cold chain solutions. Through our innovation, we are able to deliver customized foam molding and fabrication services. Our experienced team of professionals use their extensive knowledge of materials and techniques to meet a wide range of component and packaging needs.

consumer products


Expanded foam materials offer multiple benefits to consumer products.  EPS is 100% recyclable and 98% air.  Because it is lightweight and durable, EPS has expanded beyond packaging and can be molded into almost any shape.  It is now used in a variety of applications:  from shower bases to sport helmets, from building materials to surfboards.  The possibilities are endless!

Cold Chain


Because EPS meets all the food contact regulatory standards, it can be used in food and pharmaceutical packaging. EFP offers a wide range of standard molded and fabricated insulated shipping containers.  We manufacture molded, preassembled with the box of your choice or, fully kitted with the determined quantity of gel packs, gel bricks or PCMs required for your product protection.  Click here to be connected to the Pharmatuff website.

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Blueboard, an extruded EPS pictured above, is just one of the building products we offer.  It is available in sheet form only but EPS can be custom molded into Architectural shapes and custom insulation.  In addition to foam insulation, EFP produces a high quality lamination-grade EPS for the Building and Construction Market.

We are Foam Experts

Our qualified design staff is committed to finding solutions and meeting the exact specifications for each project. In addition to determining the most effective process, molding or fabricating, we can help select the most cost effective material for your project. At EFP, we ensure our staff is trained in each material’s properties and potential applications. As an industry leader, EFP can provide you with innovative solutions from design to testing to production to delivery.